Single CD Radio Promotion

Comstock promotes Country Music Singles to Europe and Australia

Singles have been the lifeblood of Country music and Comstock is proud to have put more single releases on the top charts of Europe and the United States than any other active Indie Country label. Comstock has over 25 years of experience promoting singles - from the days of the vinyl 45’s to the digital CD discs of today.


Comstock can Manufacture your new Single CD on the Comstock Label and promote it to country markets around the world. We can assure you the very best in CD mastering, disc design and replication.


These artists have seen their Comstock Single achieve chart action as well as becoming known to news media and DJ’s worldwide. Many of these singers had their single produced by Comstock’s own Nashville Producer Patty Parker.


Chelsea Radford

John Fix

RJ McClintock

Derek Carle

Rebel Hearts

Paula Mengarelli

Maurie Nord

Randy Anderson


that chose
to promote
their Single CD
to Europe and

Misty Shadduck


Maria Carmi

Jess Owen

Colin Clark

Crissy Cummings

The Tiller’s Folly

Kelli Lidell


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