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La Noche Buena ~ It's Christmas Eve

A new romantic Christmas love song.
Set in the enchanted land of New Mexico in old Sante Fe


This new romantic Holiday love song CD single, evoking the nostalgic 1940’s and 50’s, is set in the enchanted land of New Mexico, where the phrase La Noche Buena means .... It’s Christmas Eve. Patty Parker's warm vocal style relates the story of a couple who fell in love at Christmas time on their first visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Patty Parker likes to sing songs about the Southwest. She is known for her captivating vocal renditions of such magical places as The Grand Canyon and the Red Rocks of Sedona. Patty’s debut Christmas holiday song, La Noche Buena, takes place in old Sante Fe.

"Farolitos glow in the light falling snow as the carolers sing
Mission Bells chime as the people arrive to prepare for this greatest of days La Noche Buena ~ It's Christmas Eve
- Song Lyrics -
Patty Parker & Frank Fara

La Noche Buena was written by Patty Parker and her husband Frank Fara. Together they have found a way to capture the grandeur and romance of the Great American West! Their music brings to life colorful characters and spectacular places via their Southwest Songs.

Patty & Frank teamed their musical creativity with western painter artist Val Jesse to introduce their Songs of the Southwest in a new art form they call ~ Song Art ~ reminiscent of the colorful travel posters which once graced the walls of Railroad Depots and Fred Harvey Restaurants across America.

Other Southwest songs by Frank Fara and Patty Parker will feature creative ~ Song Art ~ in this Americana style. You will enjoy their song about the Red Rocks of Sedona entitled Sedona Serenade.


La Noche Buena ~
It's Christmas Eve

1. La Noche Buena ~
It's Christmas Eve
Sung by Patty Parker

Published by How The West Was Sung (BMI)
Music & Lyrics by Frank Fara and Patty Parker
Produced by Patty Parker • Song Art by Val Jesse




Southwestern Serenade


Patty Parker Album

Singing Songs of the

Magical Southwest


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