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Patty Parker


Have you ever dreamed of recording in Nashville with a Top Charting Record Producer by your side? What Country singer hasn't. Patty Parker and her crew of Nashville’s finest session players may just be the answer to your dream.

Patty Parker

Photo by Val Jesse


Patty Parker, Comstock's award winning Producer, has conducted recording sessions in Nashville for nearly twenty years. She was one of Music City's very first Indie female country record producers. Her talented crew of Nashville session musicians are names in themselves and have earned the five star reputation that they enjoy.


Patty works on a close, personal basis with each of her artists to prepare them for their Nashville recording experience. This includes months of pre-production work to find the best original songs either from the singers own material or from the many top song writers that supply Patty with top tunes. She tailors the songs to fit the range and style of each individual singer - from traditional to crossover.


Patty Parker with Nashville Engineer

Chuck Haines


Patty with Canadian Pam Ferens

pre-production work


Patty rehearsing "Sedona Serenade"

with British singer Jess Owen

(father of British actor Clive Owen)

The Nashville musicians booked for Patty Parker’s sessions record all the studio tracks live in the studio while you the singer are singing. Parker and her crew take great pride in creating arrangements around the singers own vocal style and finding your comfortable singing key. Patty is there with you for each important part of your session, from laying down the instrumental music tracks, to helping with your lead vocal, to adding background vocals, and the all important final mix to master ready for manufacturing. All you will have to do is relax and concentrate on your singing. Your producer will do the rest.





Patty Parker presenting Dale Evans

a copy of the song she produced about

Dale & her famous horse Buttermilk


Patty Parker's productions have been featured on Nashville Network shows, CNN television, Billboard and Cashbox as well as nearly every world country music Top 40 chart. She is an AFM (American Federation of Musicians) accredited producer who takes great care to see that you have the very best recording session possible, as well as a very enjoyable Nashville experience

Patty Parker taping CNN show in Nashville


Music Row magazine has called her “Music Row's favorite independent female producer” and Cecilia Walker of The Songwriters market book quoted Patty's philosophy as “The feel comes to a record by having everyone in the studio feel comfortable about what they're doing, enjoying it and having a good time. That reflects on the sound of a good record”


Parker toured as one of the first female country drummers on the casino circuit as well as a lead and harmony vocalist. She also contributed a producer's chapter in the Book “How to Open Doors in the Music Industry” as well as having her Producer skills featured in a front page story in the Wall Street Journal and a featured news story on CNN. Her productions have won numerous nominations and awards in both the Country and Country Gospel fields. Patty Parker is also Vice President of Comstock Records, Ltd.


Record your Nashville Session with Producer Patty Parker



Chelsea Radford
from England with
Patty Parker in the
vocal booth.

Frank Fara, Jim Williamson, Patty Parker, Tony Migliore
We four started our Comstock Nashville recording days together
and have celebrated over 25 years of great sessions and memories.

Misty Shadduck
from Kansas sharing
a laugh with Patty
in the studio.


Producer Patty Parker with Paula Mengarelli and Comstock’s crew of Top Nashville Pickers

Pat Severs, Ralph Childs, Patty, Paula, Tony Migliore, Hoot Hester, Tommy Wells, Mike Severs


Patty Parker was in Nashville with talented Chicago singer Paula Mengarelli. An emotional highlight of the session was the honor of producing Paula’s original patriotic song “Great American Country” Everyone involved with the session felt the power of this tribute song relating to the September 11th tragedy to stir the hearts of those who hear it.


Artists from around the world Patty Parker has produced in Nashville


Over the years Patty has produced many artists

The Artists listed here are an example of her international roster of singers who chose to record with Patty producing them in Nashville. They also chose to GO GLOBAL with their release on either a Comstock Single CD or Album.


 Derek Carle - Scotland  •••  Colin Clark - Denmark
Jess Owen - England  •••  Abby & Johnny - England
Rick Dean - Holland  •••  Horst Krush - Switzerland  •••  Roxanne Hall - Canada
Maurie Nord - Canada  •••  Jentille - Canada  •••  Pam Ferens - Canada
RJ McClintock - USA  •••  Maria Carmi USA  •••  Beth Hogan - USA
Mike O'Roark  •••  Phil West - USA  •••  Paula Mengarelli - USA
Chelsea Radford - England ••• Misty Shadduck - USA






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