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Presentation to Sedona City Council on June 25, 2002

I'm sure that there's no one here tonight who has not heard the song “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” It's a timeless piece of music that stirs our imagination with many favorable memories of that city. Tonight my wife and I would like to present the city council, mayor and the citizens of Sedona with your own special town song – entitled “Sedona Serenade” I grew up in Arizona and first visited Sedona in the mid fifties. Since then Patty and I have made many pilgrimages here to enjoy Sedona's unique beauty. From these trips sprang our desire to give something back to Sedona and its people for all the wonderful times we've experienced here. My way of doing this has been to write a song. Not just any song, but a signature song (like a San Francisco) which would capture the natural beauty & essence of Sedona.

Sedona Serenade isn't a new song. In fact I wrote it many years ago. But, we're here tonight because we felt a strong desire to make our special gift to the city of Sedona during its Centennial. We hope that you will enjoy Sedona Serenade and use it in the spirit that it is given - to further the community pride and to share with residents and visitors alike, the many attributes that make Sedona such a wonderful place to see and experience. If indeed the city council, mayor and citizens of Sedona do experience a sense of pride and enjoyment in Sedona Serenade and recognize its intrinsic value to the community, we humbly ask that it be proclaimed Official Song of Sedona.

Sedona Serenade has been professionally and commercially recorded in three different musical styles in order to facilitate and encourage its use by the town and its people. Any of these recordings can readily be incorporated for community use by the Chamber of Commerce, Sedonas many festivals and events, schools and churches, Sedona tourism websites, and various business organizations.

Frank Fara & Patty Parker

Trilogy of Sedona Serenade
All three versions included on this special CD

1. Sedona Serenade 3:13
Sung by Jess Owen - Country
2. Sedona Serenade 3:41
Sung by Patty Parker - Light Jazz
3. Sedona Serenade 3:31
Sung by Frank Fara - Americana

Published by How The West Was Sung (BMI)
Music & Lyrics by Frank Fara
Produced by Patty Parker • Cover Art by Val Jesse

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