Frank Fafara ~ Former Arizona Teen Rocker ~ Original 50’s & 60’s Rock’n’Roll

Memory Lane

Running Bear ~ Teen Beat TV Show

“Running Bear” was another hit song of the day written by the Big Bopper about a Indian brave and maiden in love. I thought it would be a great song to do on TV and so I told Wal I’d like to do it sometime. Wallace’s eyes lit up and said, “then let’s do it next Saturday night” . When we showed up next week he had an authentic Indian set all made up. His prop people had made a full size teepee with lodge poles and all the trimmings plus Indian feather headdresses for the whole band to wear. Me, Mike Condello , Bob Dearborn and Mike Post all sat on the floor with our instruments and I sang the song. The sound men had to set up tiny little microphone stands to make it work and the cameramen came in real low that day...That’s me singing in the center of photo.

Ladmo’s Brother ~ Wallace & Ladmo Show

I just loved it how Wal and Lad would improvise instantaneously on everything. I came in one day and Wal said he wanted someone to play Ladmo’s Brother. In other words to dress up like Ladmo’s brother and do an impromptu skit. He looked around and I think I was chosen because I was the tallest and lankiest guy in the room that day. I was given a tall Ladmo style top hat, long, long Ladmo neck tie, striped shirt and then stepped out on Stage with Ladmo and Wallace. Conversation went something like this: Wallace saying “We need someone else to sing tonight, but couldn’t afford to pay anything”. Ladmo says “well my Brother Frankmo is here today”. Wallace asks, “is he expensive?” Well says Ladmo “you sure don’t pay me much, and my Brother Frankmo will work for Nothin’ “.....That clinched it... I became Frankmo and Lad and I sang our first funny song together. In the Photo that’s Me on the far Left. The routine worked so well that we did it many times, both on TV and around the Valley at live shows like Legend City and Shopping Malls. The fans really liked it, and I always felt it a special honor to be Ladmo’s Brother Frankmo.