CD cover for Songs of the Untamed West

Frank Fara

Frank Fara

Frank Fara captures the romance and excitement of some of the most defining moments in the history of the American West. His rootsy ~ americana singing & songwriting style gives us the feeling of being there when the historical time line of events took place. The visual imagery of his songs quickly pull us into the action

The cast of characters on Songs of the Untamed West include both the famous and the forgotten. Icons such as Billy the Kid ~ George Armstrong Custer ~ Pancho Villa are featured along with lesser knowns such as Black Cowboy Isom Dart & Range Detective Diamondfield Jack

Other legends caught in Fara’s musical time machine include ~ Wyatt Earp & his brothers cheating death at Tombstone’s OK Corral ~ The Dalton Brothers shot down on the streets of Coffeyville ~ The Donner Party wagon train trapped in the high Sierras ~ Board a stagecoach with ~ Tips for Stagecoach Travellers ~ Wind down your musical journey at the picturesque place of many western movies ~ the Red Rocks of Sedona

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