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A romantic travel image ~ but lacking people comforts

A romantic travel image ~ but lacking people comforts

Tips For Stagecoach Travellers

The travel tips given stagecoach travellers in this song often result in a smile or two due to the fact that they seem so outrageous and even humorous to us today. However, for folks heading West by stagecoach in the 1800's they were read with interest. Since many people at that time had only travelled in the relative comfort of a railway car, stagecoach travellers sought information on how they might best assure themselves a safe and comfortable journey. Even with these tips on stagecoach etiquette ~ the tenderfoot traveller was quick to find a Stagecoach ride heading West was going to be anything but just another train ride.

Some of the Lyrics from Tips for Stagecoach Travellers

Now don’t grease down your hair ~ cause the roads are mighty dusty
And don’t start talkin’ religion or politics on the way
Don’t growl at the food in the station ~ they’re providin’ you the best they can
And hide your rings and money if you see a road agent man

These are Tips for you Stagecoach Travellers
When you ride the overland stage
These are tips for you Eastern travellers
When you ride the overland stage

Written by Frank Fara
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