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The town of Tombstone

Tombstone was the mother lode of gold and silver mines, claim jumpers, hardened cowboys and panhandlers of all sorts ~ with a saloon on every corner, all night gambling tables, and free flowing whiskey ~ many of its residents would end up on Boot Hill

Tombstone Legacy

It is rare for a town itself to become immortal, but indeed Tombstone seems to have done just that. It was and still is one of the West's most celebrated boom towns. Tombstone’s Legacy ~ forever features Wyatt Earp & his brothers & Doc Holliday ~ along with the Clantons & McLaury's. Their stage will always be the streets of Tombstone and their performance the most famous gunfight of all time ~ the Gunfight at the OK Corral ~

Tombstone Sheriff badge
It took place October 26, 1881 and when the shooting was over three men lay dead on the street ~ Tom McLaury, Frank McLaury and Billy Clanton ~ Wyatt, his brothers, and Doc Holiday all survived.

Some of the Lyrics from Tombstone Legacy

The Earps came here to stay
They liked your gamblin’ ways
You put stars on their chest
Their guns would do the rest

The town too tough to die
Where dice and bullets fly
A miner coined your name
A gunfight brought you fame

Written by Frank Fara
How the West Was Sung Music BMI

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