She Rode A Horse Called Buttermilk

My Special Tribute Song to Dale Evans

Dale Evans had a special fondness for drinking buttermilk according to her personal manager Dick Baxter. So it is understandable that she would name her favorite horse ~ Buttermilk. Early movie photos would always show her and Buttermilk together as in this vintage photo kindly given to us by Roy Rogers & Dale Evans son Dusty Rogers ~ I admire what Dale Evans accomplished in her life as a Singer, Movie & TV star, as well as a role model for women everywhere ~ Frank and I are pleased that both Roy & Dale enjoyed our tribute song ~ I was thrilled to personally give her a copy and sing this song to introduce her at an appearance at the Festival of the West in Arizona.

Some of the Lyrics from She Rode A Horse Called Buttermilk

“ She Rode a horse called Buttermilk
And brought the West a change
For now the cowboys weren’t alone a ridin’ on the range
She made me proud to be a girl when I saw her on that screen
The first cowgirl with a real star name like Hoppy, Roy and Gene
She was a cowboy sweetheart and they rode a happy trail
That cowboy was Roy Rogers
And his sweethearts name was Dale ”

Written by Patty Parker & Frank Fara
How the West was Sung Music BMI

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