Navajo Land

Ever since reading my first Tony Hillerman novel I have been interested in the Navajos and their culture. Their ceremonies combine sacred chants ~ called sings ~ with dances and sand painting to allow them to stay in harmony with Mother Earth as well as their ancestral heritage ~ I enjoyed meeting Tony Hillerman and actor Wes Studi ~ who brought Navajo policeman Lt. Joe Leaphorn to life on screen ~ I feel a spiritual presence whenever I visit Monument valley ~ which is in the Four Corners area in northeastern Arizona ~ part of Navajo Land.

Some of the Lyrics from Navajo Land

“ High upon a mesa in Navajo Land
You might hear the singing of the ways
Sacred chants that heal the mind and soothe a troubled soul
Holy ways passed down to the people

Sing for harmony ~ yes for harmony
Beauty balance and health ~ find these within yourself
Pray for harmony ~ yes for harmony
Be one with Mother Earth ~ Be one with Father Sky ”

Written by Frank Fara
How the West was Sung Music BMI

Photos by Patty Parker & Frank Fara

Artwork by Val Jesse

photo collage