Hotel Saguaro

The giant cactus of Arizona ~ known as the Saguaro ~ is noted for its size and age. The thirty foot specimen outside our home was already standing tall when our land was still a part of Mexican Territory. Even more amazing is the multitude of desert denizens who live in this high rise hotel. It is a special joy to sing this song to children who are so enthralled with the many creatures who call Hotel Saguaro their home.

Some of the Lyrics from Hotel Saguaro

“ There’s a hotel on the desert ~ standing tall and green
A real historic monument ~ one I’m sure you’ve seen
Why it’s Arizona’s trademark ~ a symbol of the West
I’m talking about the Saguaro ~ as a hotel it’s the best

There’s a noisy curved-bill thrasher heralding a brand new day
And a red-tailed hawk preening his feathers without a word to say
A cactus wren causing quite a ruckus with a gopher snake family
And a prairie mouse trying to make friends in a feathered community

Hotel Saguro ~ Home on the Range
A highrise filled with residents from valley, hill & sage
Open arms to shelter creatures large and small
This hotel on the desert has vacancy for all ”

Written by Patty Parker & Frank Fara
How the West was Sung Music BMI

Artwork of Hotel Saguaro by Lorraine Gentile

photo collage