Tips for Stagecoach Travellers

In 1877 the Omaha Herald ran a newspaper advertisement giving would be stagecoach travellers tips on how to best survive a stage ride out West ~ It wasn’t the easiest way to travel ~ but in retrospect those savvy tips can bring a smile to our face ~ Frank and I visited Monument Valley in Arizona where the famous movie Stagecoach was filmed starring John Wayne

Some of the Lyrics from Tips for Stagecoach Travellers

“ Don’t grease down your hair ~ ’cause the roads are mighty dusty
And don’t start talkin’ religion or politics along the way
Don’t growl at the food in the station
they’re providin’ you the best they can
Hide your rings and money if you see a road agent man

Don’t keep that Stagecoach waiting ~ sit still if the team runs away
Your safer there than jumpin’ and you won’t get hurt that way
Don’t smoke in front of the ladies ~ and only spit on the leeward side
And if you have some drinkin’ water ~ pass it around inside

These are tips for you Stagecoach Travellers
When you ride the overland stage ”

Written by Frank Fara
How the West was Sung Music BMI

Photos by Patty Parker & Frank Fara

photo collage