Sedona Serenade

It’s no wonder that John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart and even Elvis all made western movies in Sedona, Arizona. It is such a spectacular landscape. After all these years I am still drawn back to its timeless beauty. I feel so fortunate to have recorded this song ~ written by my husband Frank Fara ~ and to have had it officially welcomed by the people & town of Sedona.

Some of the Lyrics from Sedona Serenade

“ They say there’s nothing prettier than the red rocks of Sedona
As the sun beams down on them each day
They say that Red Rock Crossing is the wonder of the valley
As Oak Creek gently flows along its way
They say that red rock fever touches all who see Sedona
There’s no way a stranger can prepare
It’s magnetism reaches out and captures all our feeling
And draws us back time and time again ”

Written by Frank Fara
How the West was Sung Music BMI

Sedona Photos by Patty Parker

Artwork by Val Jesse

photo collage