La Noche Buena ~ It's Christmas Eve

They call New Mexico ~ The Land of Enchantment ~ but if one magical place stands out in this regard it has to be Santa Fe ~ The holiday tradition and ceremonies are like no other when it comes to Christmas and notably ~ Christmas Eve ~ Visitors return year after year to take part in the Christmas Eve festivities and to stroll the streets lined with farolitos ~ I was thrilled the year we debuted this song that a review ran in the December issue of New Mexico magazine.

Some of the Lyrics from La Noche Buena ~ Ir’s Christmas Eve

“ La Noche Buena ~ It’s Christmas Eve
And a very special night for you and for me
On this night of nights ~ in old Santa Fe
You asked me for a kiss and stole my heart away

Farolitos glow in the light falling snow as the carolers sing
Mission bells chime as the people arrive
to prepare for this greatest of days

La Noche Buena ~ The good night is here
We stroll these ancient streets just like we do each year
We watch the weaver’s weave and potters mold their clay
Just like the plaza lights our love burns bright today ”

Written by Patty Parker & Frank Fara
How the West was Sung Music BMI

Artwork by Val Jesse

photo collage