Song of the Grand Canyon

I will never forget our first trip to the Grand Canyon. A rugged mountain road, miles of high plain desert and then without warning you’re upon it ~ one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. That day is still vivid to me ~ although I am still unable to adequately describe in words alone the inspiring scene I witnessed. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy singing this song as much as I do. I believe the musical notes softly bathe the lyrics with their own transparent overlay of the timeless beauty I beheld that day.

Some of the Lyrics from the Song of the Grand Canyon

“ It’s an Arizona treasure that we’re talkin’ bout
It’s a travellers delight that’s plain to see
It’s a wonder to behold ~ as its beauty fills our soul
When we see the Grand Canyon for the first time
How can words describe colors never painted yet
Or a thousand different sunsets from the rim
Only pictures ~ not words ~ tell the story to be heard
Of this timeless place everyone should see ”

Written by Frank Fara
How the West was Sung Music BMI

Photos of Patty Parker at Grand Canyon by Frank Fara

Artwork by Val Jesse

photo collage